Official World Golf Rankings: Top 5

  1. Dustin Johnson
  2. Hideki Matsuyama
  3. Jordan Spieth
  4. Rory McIlroy
  5. Sergio Garcia

With only two of the top five golfers in the world coming from the United States, there’s lots to know about each of these guys who have grown up all around the world. The one common trait between the five of them is their passion for this spectacular game we call golf (hardest game in the world). The insane amount of hard work each of these guys have dedicated to this game is simply incredible.

Dustin Johnson

1.  In 2006 Dustin won the long drive contest at the Northeast Amateur Invitational Golf Tournament while drinking a corona. He was 22 at the time, and when he wasn’t practicing his swing at the driving range, he was at his host’s house dunking basketballs and palming their two young children with his extraordinarily large hands. He reminded people around the tournament of a basketball player due to his height.

2.  When he was just 16 years old he and some buddy’s decided to rob a local house. One of the pieces of evidence was a .38 revolver. He also pawned multiple watches for his friends older brother. This all stemmed from his parents getting a divorce, and his dad getting fired from his golf pro job at the golf course he grew up playing at.

3.  He played a pro-am round with Wayne Gretzky’s wife, and was invited to their house for dinner to meet their daughter. They met briefly, exchanged numbers and 8 months later they were married!

Hideki Matsuyama:

1.   Hideki is an asian born professional golfer who won back to back Asian Amateur Championships. He was also the silver cup winner in the 2011 Masters tournament for low amateur at 1 under par for the tournament. Crazy amount of potential as an amateur.

2. He is full of talent and confidence nowadays. When he first turned pro in 2013 that wasn’t the case. He didn’t think he belonged on the PGA tour, and he was very nervous to get his career started. His confidence started to rise quickly though. Within his first 6 months on tour he already had two top ten finishes in Majors. He said this completely turned his mental game around because he fully believed in his game after those results. Who wouldn’t!?

3. He will be the first Japanese born player to win a Major Championship on the PGA tour.

Jordan Spieth:

1.  The most important thing to learn from Jordan is how he has manifested success into his life. His swing is unorthodox, and his power isn’t quite that of a DJ or J. Day, yet he predicted he would eventually be the number one player in the world. He has already reached the apex in golf, and hasn’t reached the age of 24 yet! Oh, and he’s already a two time major champ, and is well on his way to his third major title in the 2017 open.

2.  Another interesting fact about Jordan is how much sleep he gets, every night. His training regimen requires him to recover the best through his 8 hours of sleep he gets each night. No matter when his tee time is or where the tournament is at, he always gets 8 hours even when he’s in his off-season.

3. Before turning 20 years old, he captured his first PGA tour title at the John Deer classic. He’s the youngest tour winner since 1931! He’s also the only amateur since Tiger to win two Jurnior Amateur Championships.

Rory McIlroy:

1.  We all know the success and talent Rory has, but what you probably didn’t know is when he hit his first hole in one at the young age of just 9 years old. Most people go their whole life without a hole in one, but when you’re destined for success, you do it before you hit double digits in age! Now he’s a four time major winner, and hasn’t even made it to his 30’s yet.

2.  As with Jordan, Rory also manifested his dream into reality by writing a letter to Tiger Woods when Rory was just 9 years old. The letter to Tiger warned the best player in the world to watch out for Rory because he is “coming” for him. What most people don’t realize is the power of our minds and how powerful our thoughts and actions can be in order to reach our dreams and aspirations. He created his reality through hard work and belief in his abilities.

3.  He is the longest driver on the PGA tour and he sits at just 5’9″ tall. His hard work in the gym has strengthened his core and major muscles to get him to this form. He can bench 250 lbs, which is a measly 50 lbs lighter than Tiger. Rory’s ok with that because well, he’s Rory Mcilroy and already has 4 major championships under his belt, with many more to come.

Sergio Garcia:

1.  Sergio won his club championship at the ripe age of 12. 8 years later he won his first PGA tour title, which was the youngest to accomplish that fete since Tiger…. and then until Jordan Spieth came into the picture! Very impressive.

2. He is also the youngest player to win the European Amateur.

3. With all the potential Sergio had growing up, it still took him over 20 years to win his first major championship, the Masters in 2017. His talent has always soared well above his peers, but his belief wasn’t there due to all the failures he had endured throughout his career. With his major win in 2017 he is well on his way to notch more majors under his belt!