Drive for show, putt for doe, right? Right. The key to golf is to get the ball in the HOLE. The best way to do that is to putt the ball in the hole. It’s extremely rare for an average golfer to fly the ball in the hole from off the green, whether its a a chip or pitch, or an approach shot from the fairway or rough. Getting the ball in the hole is the key to good golf. Most pro’s can get the ball in the hole within 2 strokes if they manage to get the ball on or around the green in regulation. The 3 key’s to good putting is keeping your head still, pick a line, and commit to the right speed.

One form of advice all golf pro’s will teach golfer’s is keeping the head still throughout contact. This helps keep the consistency throughout a golf swing simple, and easy to duplicate. Ultimately, the number one way to improve your golf game is to keep things simple, and this will improve your consistency. Consistent ball contact, whether putting or iron shots, is key to achieve lower golf scores for 18 holes. The putting stroke is the shortest stroke of all the golf shots required to get the ball in the hole. By keeping your head still, this will improve your stroke for the rest of your golf career.

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Next, finding the target line for any shot in golf is crucial to improve your golf score. Most importantly, you must TRUST the line you pick. When putting, there’s always an imaginary line that you see, and this line is what you want to roll the ball on in order to get the ball in the hole. After all, getting the ball in the hole is the key to golf. As long as you keep your head still, and trust the line you want the ball to travel on, then you will be well on your way to improving your golf game.

Lastly, you must commit to the right speed you see the ball going in the hole. This takes practice. Consistent practice. As long you practice keeping your head still, trusting your line, and learning the feel for the speed you want to hit the ball, putting will become easier than ever! Golf is tough, but if you practice these three putting techniques, you will enjoy playing the game more because you’ll be making more birdies then you ever had before! Good luck out there, and make that doe with your STRONG putting game.