Golf is a tough sport! Golf is obviously based upon a score relative to par, and to think that only 5% of golfers (60 million worldwide) break 80 consistently is hard to fathom, but it’s true. Anyone who loves the game, and, or plays it for fun recognizes the difficultly, so any type of advice is helpful, as long as it actually helps! Anytime someone thinks of advice, it’s generally geared towards the “golf swing”. That’s wrong. Plain and simple. Unless you have ample of hours to practice and perfect your golf swing with new swing mechanics, then the best way to improve your game is to develop a mindset that the pro’s use. Golfers want to shoot better scores asap. I’ll say we, because I enjoy the game as much as the next person does, and I believe we’re impatient. We want to shoot a better score tomorrow then we did today! In order to improve your scores as soon as overnight, you need to learn how the pro’s think.


It’s crazy to believe that the pro’s rarely hit 75% of greens in regulation, but golf is hard, and to be consistent more days than not these guys are sticking to a routine that’s comfortable and repeatable. Anyone who golfs, whether you’re a weekend golfer, country club member, or a tournament player, it’s important to stick to a routine before every shot. It’s sounds easy, but it’s not. There’s nearly 100 swings per round depending on your skill level, and it’s easy to lose focus out there. One thing that helps with keeping your focus as pin point as possible is to find what’s comfortable for you before every swing, and repeat that. EVERY SINGLE TIME. You can do this the next time you play, and the time after that, and after that and so on! So DO IT.

Find your target line and trust it

As long as you’re consistent on your routine, then you can develop what target line you want the ball to start on and whether you want to hit it a specific shot shape (draw or fade). Before every single shot, it’s crucial to find what line you want the ball to start on (your target line), and trust your routine and swing. Everyone literally has a different swing then the next guy, its a proven fact just look up any video of any golfer on youtube and you’ll see how each one is different. That’s why it’s important to NOT think about your swing while playing an 18 hole round of golf. Your swing is your swing, and you can’t change that overnight, but you CAN change the way you think about golf. It’s a mental game, and any pro will tell you that.

Next shot approach The past is the past

The easy part is over! Once you develop your routine and trust your swing then it’s time to leave the past to the past. Stop thinking about things that have already happened. It’s always about the next shot. That seems easy to say, but it’s harder to implement in a 4 hour round of golf. Golf is the hardest sport ever created, and the inventors were genius because this game CANNOT be perfected. Hence, the fact that barely any average golfer can break par on the daily. People who want to have fun and enjoy the game for years can do that, if they leave each shot in the past that has already been played. The funny thing with golf is it is very hard, but you can also get EXTREMELY lucky out there. The ball bounces differently every shot, and you just never quite know what’s going to happen. The ball could bounce off a side hill or spinkler head and bounce in the hole, who knows! Crazier things have happened. That’s why you hear golfers yelling at the ball telling it what to do. “Please be the shot today!” You know who yelled that years ago while playing Tiger. You just never know whats going to happen, so if you forget about your last shot, and focus on what you want your next shot to do, the easier the game will be!

You can literally implement these mental techniques in your next round of golf, and you’ll shoot a better round! This takes practice just like every thing else in life, but if you can perfect your mental game while out on the course you WILL shoot better scores.