We all love Tiger Woods, and yes, all of you who say you don’t, well, you’re lying to yourself. He was the biggest thing in sports for years, the most dominating sports star for years, and this came from one of the most “boring” sports to watch out of all the major sports. He was so mesmerizing that he brought people from all aspects of life to drool over his talent and excellence. Throughout all the years of his domination and now throughout his downfall the people that watched him perform, but decline to admit their admiration of him, are the ones who made him so popular. Even if you are one of those who claims they didn’t enjoy (or love) watching him, this article is still for you. He was so dominating for so long that he got every sports fan to believe he would break Jack’s record, but his downfall and lack of play has tainted his career based on the fact that he is pretty much finished. He’s left us all hangin’.

We feel abandoned. He left us. Deserted us. It’s almost as if he was a gift we couldn’t open. We knew what it was, but couldn’t experience the enjoyment of opening the gift. It was taken from us. Sports fans wanted to see him continue his domination. Petty tournaments turned into prime time television because we wanted to see what Tiger would do next. He was knocking off WGC tournaments like they were flies. His tournament record was increasing by the hand full every year! It was only a matter of time until he beat the coveted record, major championships. Now, it’s boring. We have all the first time major winners that may never win another tournament again in their career. Tiger wasn’t doing it for the money, but these guys are nowadays. It’s not fun to watch. It’s downright boring.

Michael Jordan is the GOAT. His legacy will go down as being the best basketball player of all time, if not the best athlete of all time. Tiger’s reputation has plummeted. He’s getting arrested, cheating on his wife, and can barely break 80. The GOAT’s don’t go down like that. He’ll be remembered more for his historic downfall than his accomplishments. The guy would have broke 100 tour wins for Gods sake! He was well on his way to break 20 majors. This is depressing. He built us all up for 10 + years, and then dropped us like a sack of eggs.

With all of this in mind, he ruined golf for the younger generations! Young adults in their 20’s nowadays are only reminded of him from what other people say. This generation only saw the tip of the iceberg. We didn’t get to see the historic rise, so its not as fun to watch because no one compares to Tiger. Jordan Spieth and Rory are doing great, but they don’t dominate every aspect of the game like Tiger. He drove it farther, chipped it closer (if not in), and putted it in from everywhere. Those guys don’t have a chance to touch what Tiger did. The kids that were watching what he was doing back in his prime weren’t quite aware of what he was doing because they didn’t watch the older guys like Faldo playing well. We only had Tiger and how good he was, now it’s gone.

It’s a sad, sad ending. It really is. He’ll go down as the biggest bust in sports history. So sad.