Many models of golf rangefinders on the market don’t offer much in terms of versatility. Often, if you buy a basic rangefinder, it can only be used for hunting or hiking, but they’re usually not a great choice for golf. But this new model by nornor features a golf mode to use when you’re out playing a few rounds with friends. Tonor doesn’t manufacturer models that can compete with the big boys, instead, they focus on the rangefinder’s accuracy, readability, and ease of use, not bells and whistles.

The Tonor laser golf rangefinder is a very versatile model that has a lot to offer the avid outdoorsman. This rangefinder can also be used for hunting, hiking, fishing, and of course, golf. You’ll love the special dedicated golf mode that can be used to measure the distance to each flag. This device also offers measurement units for both yards and meters so you can choose a setting based on user preference. Switching from one measurement option to the other is also a breeze.

Tonor Rangefinder Assessment and Features

This model is a budget-friendly device that we recommend to golfers of all skill levels who are on a tight budget and not willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a top of the line model. Again, because of the price, you shouldn’t expect this model to have all the bells and whistles that higher priced competing models do, but this rangefinder does offer a ton of versatility and a decent range and excellent optics.

As we mentioned, this model is not only ideal for golf but can also be used for other activities as well, such as hunting and hiking.

The design is about as basic as you can get, making the interface very user-friendly. You’ll find just two buttons that operate the device and allow you to switch modes and activate features. To turn the rangefinder on, you’ll press down on the power button. When the device is powered up a plus sign will appear. Hit the power button again to review measurement results. To change the measurements from meters to yards you’ll press the mode button.

When it comes to design and size, this model is lightweight and small, so you can easily slip it into your pocket. Aside from the lower price, the weight and compact size are one of the biggest selling points for consumers.

The rangefinder’s eyepiece is highly adjustable and can be turned to focus on images. Simply rotate the optic ring to shorten the eyepiece.  You can twist the eyepiece counterclockwise to extend the eyepiece and focus in on an object.

This model offers a distance of sixty hundred and fifty yards. While the range isn’t exactly the best in its class, it’s actually not bad either. The device offers a decent range for both hunting and golfing, with an accuracy of one yard. It also utilizes laser technology for more accurate measurements.

The rangefinder runs on a CR2 lithium battery. Operating the device doesn’t consume much battery life, so you can expect to get plenty of use out of a single battery for several weeks or even months, depending on how frequently it’s used.

The manufacturer notes that the range measurements are determined by a variety of factors including visibility, the angle of the laser, and the material of the target.

Golf Rangefinder Pros and Cons

TONOR Laser Golf Rangefinder

Pros: This is a smaller, lightweight model that fits the hand nicely.

If you find yourself constantly struggling to judge distances out on the green or even during a hunt, then having this device in your pocket can be a real game changer for you. There will be no more uncertain shots into the green, simply whip out this device, point, and aim and you’ll have an accurate distance measurement in seconds.

The automatic power saving feature will switch the device to sleep mode if it hasn’t been used for a period of eight minutes. This is a great feature that will save you plenty of battery life.

This model is also water resistant, however, this is not the same as waterproof. While it can handle light or medium downpour, the device will become damaged if left out in severe weather or when submerged in water. This is definitely something to consider if you plan to take this device out on your next hunting trip.

The manufacturer also throws in some free extras with purchase including a battery, carry bag, and strap.

The ability to switch from yards to meters is a big selling point for consumers.

The longer battery life, automatic shut-off feature, and the price give you every reason to buy.

Cons: For some, the features are simply too basic. If you’re looking for a model that offers slope measurements, targeting assistance, or a higher range, then this rangefinder isn’t for you. But if you’re in need of a basic model and one that’s highly accurate, then we feel that this Tonor device is a great buy.

The two simple buttons make the rangefinder easier to use, but it can be time-consuming and even a little frustrating to have to go through the different menus and modes to reach the setting you want.

Golf, Hunting, and Hiking Rangefinder by Tonor Conclusion and Rating

This isn’t a model that will turn a lot of heads, but it’s a decent golfing accessory that delivers. With the use of this rangefinder, the avid golfer will be able to determine the distance to the flag, adjusting their shots as needed, effortlessly.

This rangefinder is highly recommended for beginners or any golfer who is looking for an edge out on the course.

While not the most advanced device on the market, its affordable pricing makes it a consumer favorite. Plus, the fact that it doesn’t come with the slope function means that it’s considered tournament legal. Golfers who purchased this model gave it a rating of four out of five stars for accuracy, user-friendly interface, and pricing.