We don’t endorse excessive drinking out on the green, but it’s safe to say that the best golfing drinking games only add to the fun of any golf game. So here are some fun drinking games you and your pals can try the next time you hit the course.

Sand Trap Fun

Finding yourself stuck in the sand too often during round can really ruin your day, but you can have some serious fun if you add a shot of your favorite whiskey.

Here are the rules:

•    For the first shot into a sand trap, the person responsible has to take a shot.

•    When the second shot into the sand trap occurs, the person responsible will have to take two shots.

•    With the third shot, the person responsible has to take three shots.

•    Etc.

Taking a Tour

Beer is definitely the best side dish to a main course of golf when you’re watching TV. This game can add a little more structure next time you find yourself watching a game at home.

Here are the rules:

•    Birdie: Take one drink every time a successful birdie putt is shown.

•    When you hear someone yell “get in the hole” take one drink. Take two drinks if it’s yelled during a shot that’s over three hundred yards.

•    Any time Tiger Woods has to play from the trees take three drinks.

•    Take a couple of drinks for every eagle.

•    For every chip in take two drinks.

•    For a hole in one take one shot.

•    Every time a golfer throws down his club take two shots.

Masters Drinking Game

This drinking game celebrates an iconic piece of Americana and it combines it with alcohol which makes it even better.

To play this game you’ll need liquor or beer, and a big screen TV to watch the Masters, and a bunch of your friends.

When the broadcast begins get your drinks ready. Each person should pick a golfer to root for as the winner of the tournament. This drinking game will be your newest tradition and one you’ll turn to for every tournament you watch at home.

After you’ve picked the golfer you expect to win the tournament, you’ll need to start wagering shots based on who ends up shooting a better round. If your chosen golfer is making birdie you can pick a drink for someone. Now, on the flipside of this rule, if your golfer is bogeying, you have to take a drink. If your golfer ends up leaving the game before Sunday, then you’ll have to drink whenever a friend tells you to for the duration of the tournament. If you choose the winner, you can assign shots to everyone left standing.

Here is the full list of the Masters drinking game rules:

•    One drink for every putt made for par shown.

•    Take two drinks anytime the Masters is referred to as a tradition unlike any other.

•    Take three drinks anytime someone mentions Tiger Woods.

•    Take one drink at the mention of Rae’s Creek, Amen Corner, Hogan’s Bridge, Butler Tree, or Magnolia Lane.

•    Take three drinks for every double bogey.

•    Take one shot for a hole in one.

•    Take one shot for an albatross.

Only the Best Drinking Games for Golf

best drinking games for golf

On all par three’s everyone with the exception of the closet to the pin has to take a shot or shotgun a beer. You can also make someone have an extra shot when they miss the green completely.

Do you play with a lot of friends who frequently take a mulligan? If so, allow them to take a mulligan any time during the round, but they’ll have to pay a price. Before they take a mulligan they first have to take two shots or shotgun a beer. While this may seem easy initially, after a couple of beers they’ll reconsider taking another mulligan, probably for the foreseeable future.

If a player birdies the hole, the other players have to take two shots. For seasoned players where birdies are pretty common, change this to eagles.

If a player puts it in the drink they have to take a drink.

For every beer or shot you take during a round you have to take that many strokes off the final score. As an example, if you shoot a ninety-two but you drink ten beers during the round then your score will be eighty-two. Your friend, on the other hand, shoots a ninety but only drinks three beers so they would finish with a score of eighty-seven.

If it takes you or any of your friends more than a couple of shots to get out of the sand trap then the player will have to shotgun a beer or take two shots.

If you or another player triple bogeys or worse, three shots must be taken.

Anytime a player four putts or worse, shotgun a beer.

If you or someone else chips in from off the green, every player will have to take a shot.

At the start of a game, decide on regular intervals where all players will have to take a drink before teeing off. As an example, you can say every third hole a player will have to take one or two shots before they tee off. For seasoned golfers, you can try every other hole.

Can You Drink on the Golf Course?

There are some sports that you simply should never play while drinking because you could get physical injuries, such as race car driving or skydiving. However, it’s acceptable to play golf as you and your pals knock back a few cold beers. Some courses offer a bar on site, but do you really have to wait until your game is finished before you can enjoy a shot or a cold beer?

There’s no rule against having some drinks on the course. And while you’ll never see the pros tossing back beers while they line up their putt, if you’re simply enjoying a round with your friends then there’s no reason you can’t relax and enjoy some drinks on the green.